WordPress Tracing

DecaLog have the ability to log WordPress traces.

These traces can be sent to specialized services or displayed in the WordPress admin.

Anatomy of a trace

A trace belongs to a channel, which is the type of "execution pipe" where the trace was recorded. It can take the following values: CLI (command-line interface), CRON (cron job), AJAX (Ajax request), XMLRPC (XML-RPC request), API (Rest API request), FEED (Atom/RDF/RSS feed), WBACK (site backend), WFRONT (site frontend).

Each trace contains a list of spans which are mainly composed of:

  • A process, which can be: core, plugin, theme, db, php.
  • A name, which is given in the form "Component / Operation".
  • A start time, which is the starting timestamp of the span.
  • A duration, which is the duration of the span.

All fields, times and tags/labels are handled and automatically set by DecaLog.

Typical trace sent by DecaLog and visualized in Grafana